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Event Security Companies

Some events and parties held on private boats require security services to prevent gatecrashers from ruining the occasion. Professional Brisbane and Gold Coast Event security guards can coordinate to man the entrance and patrol the pier. They can also monitor CCTV live streams to prevent trouble throughout the event. When the party is over guests will always appreciate the assistance from a member of your hired security staff escorting them to their vehicles or helping to flag down a taxi.

If you are planning a ticketed event then you may also require services from experienced security companies that have gained a solid reputation for transferring large sums of money. Events such as charity auctions and benefits can attract wealthy individuals that carry a lot of cash.  An accredited security company in Brisbane and the surrounding areas of Ipswich, Logan and the Gold Coast can protect you against theft. They can also protect your reputation as a party and corporate event organiser.

Event Security Guards
Hire professional security services for your events and parties.    











For large outdoor parties, private and public events, security solutions are available to meet your needs. There are many popular events throughout the year in Brisbane, the Gold coast and across the state of Queensland. Whether you are organising a music concert, film premier, sporting event or even a demonstration or protest march. Brisbane and Gold Coast security patrols provide experienced and highly professional security officers with canine support. Hire mobile guard and canine teams as specially trained security dogs as they are ideal for maintaining order and crowd control.



Boat Hire For Parties or Events

Boat Party Sydney

Boat parties in Sydney can be great fun as there are so many options for on-board entertainment. Choosing a vessel is easy as there are boats designed to cater for almost any occasion from corporate charter cruises to the wild party boat hire Sydney harbour is now famous for. You can plan for everything well in advance, leaving nothing to chance except for one element that can ruin a boat party in minutes.

The weather!

When planning a party aboard a cruise boat, check the weather forecast for Sydney more frequently as the event date gets closer. Tides and other offshore conditions can change fast and catch party goers unprepared. Ask the management if all your guests can fit comfortably below deck if the weather should turn against you. Can everyone be accommodated inside and be comfortable? Or will it just kill the party mood and wreck a great night?

This is important as many boats chartered in Sydney, provide outdoor entertainment such as laser shooting, heated spa treatments, top deck VIP areas, firework displays and open-air dance floors.


Boat Hire For Parties or Events
The dance floor is packed and the party is in full swing.


Remember that the weather can have a big impact on your party almost anywhere, so be prepared.

First Impressions count so arrive nice and early so you can check the venue is looking clean. Stroll alone the pier and check for potential problems.

What is the arrival area like?

Remember that a party boat often docks at different piers and there are quite a few in Sydney so don’t expect to turn up and find it where you originally made your pre -rental inspection.  Find out a few days in advance of the party where it will be sailing from.  You can also request a different location to board the party boat on the big day if you feel it is inconveniently located for you or your guests. There will usually be a surcharge for moving the vessel.